Winner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is teamDigital?

    We are a 25-year-old marketing agency located in Bethel, CT. Our address is:

    6 Berkshire Blvd.
    Bethel, CT 06801
    Tel. (203) 546-5000

  • Is teamDigital a reputable company?

    Yes. In fact, we were named one of the top 200 marketing agencies of 2019 by Chief Marketer. To learn more about us, click here.

  • What does teamDigital do?

    On behalf of our clients, we create and implement promotional marketing campaigns – including sweepstakes, games and contests – and award prizes of all kinds.

  • Who does teamDigital work with?

    Our client roster includes both Fortune 500 companies and household brands. Click here to see some of the promotions we’ve run for our clients.

  • Is this sweepstakes/promotion legitimate?

    Yes. All of our promotions are legally governed by a set of Official Rules. Please refer to the Official Rules for complete details. Should you have additional questions about a specific promotion, we would be more than happy to answer them. You can email us at or reach us by phone at 203-546-5000. Our office hours are 9:00am – 5:30pm EST Monday – Friday.

  • How did I win if I never entered?

    Some promotions incorporate what is known as an “automatic entry.” For example, you may be eligible to receive an entry into a promotion when you use your credit card.

  • Why am I being notified as a “potential winner?”

    You can only be considered a confirmed winner after we have received the requested paperwork (if applicable) and are able to verify your eligibility according to the Official Rules of the promotion.

  • Why are the Official Rules so long?

    As required by law, Official Rules are intended to be comprehensive and must fully and honestly disclose every detail of a promotion. In fact, they are written to protect consumers by offering all of the promotion’s details.

  • Why do I have to provide personal information such as my date of birth or Social Security number?

    In order to confirm an entrant as a winner, we must verify that he/she has met the eligibility criteria as outlined in the promotion’s Official Rules. Your date of birth is needed to make certain you are of legal age, and Social Security numbers are required for tax filing, if applicable. For more on this, see the “What about taxes?” FAQ below.

  • Do I have to pay any money to get my prize?

    Absolutely not! You will never be asked to pay anything in order to claim a prize.

  • Why do I have to get paperwork signed by a notary?

    This step helps us ensure that you are who you claim to be before we release your prize and are eligible according to the Official Rules.

  • What about taxes?

    For individuals who receive a prize valued over $600, we are required by U.S. law to file a 1099 tax form at the end of the year for the total value of that prize. Any taxes due are paid directly to the Internal Revenue Service.

  • I called the company that is sponsoring the promotion and they are not aware of the promotion. Is it legitimate?

    If possible, and where appropriate, we can provide you with contact information at the respective company so that you can reach out directly for verification.

  • I’m still concerned, what should I do?

    We encourage you to visit our company website, look us up on social media or contact us for additional information.