Pleased to meet you

Problem solvers. Creative gurus. Early adopters. Major fans. You’ll find them all here. We’re a team who loves what we do, and never takes themselves too seriously. That’s how we keep our thinking fresh and our ideas big. Click around and get to know what makes us tick.

“I always wanted to be a rock star, but CEO isn’t half bad.”

- Jeff Butchen, President/CEO

“I’m Chief Financial Officer…and also Chief Candy Officer.”

- Heather Waldman, CFO

“To score client goals, you need to put the best team on the field.”

- Chris Harris, Managing Director

“I wonder if the client skis...”

- Shawn McKenna, VP/Group Director, Accounts

“Great creative doesn’t take a stroke of genius. You just have to read your target.”

- Mike Corrigan, VP/Group Director, Creative

“Another legally compliant program off the ground. I’ll drink to that!”

- Jenn Reilly, VP/Group Director, Legal Compliance

“Technology lets you create your own reality.”

- Corey Redlien, VP/Group Director, Technology

“Do these glasses make me look more strategic?”

- Kristen Clough, VP, Strategy & Analytics

“Oh, they’re lovely. But no, the timeline can’t be adjusted.”

- Aimee Balisciano, Project Management Supervisor

“On my projects, I make the rules.”

- Melissa Mallinson, Account Manager, Legal Compliance

“Heard The Patriots are looking for a football pressure algorithm. I can help with that.”

- Rob Fonseca, Senior Web Developer

“Analytics is a serious deep dive.”

- Missy Robinson, Analytics Supervisor

“Account management is all about balance. Oooohhhmmm…”

- Melissa Pote, Account Manager

“Any way you slice it, every program is better with butter.”

- Sheila Krasnickas, Account Manager, Fulfillment

“The secret to great creative? Having a great partner.”

- Nicole Griswold, Associate Creative Director

“Great client relationships start with an open line of conversation.”

- Leslie August, Account Director

“The best client relationships are carefully crafted.”

- Jenn Butler, Account Manager

“The number of employees working remotely from paradise is 1.”

- Kerry Bulson, Manager, Data Services

“All design is better with some nice, soothing metal.”

- Evan Valente, Art Director

“I find that adorable animals help soften legal feedback.”

- Megan Garguilo, Account Executive, Legal Compliance

“Our clients keep us on our toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

- Kelly West, Account Manager

“Tony Stark’s got nothing on my code.”

- Frank Zvovushe , Senior Web Developer

“I’m fluent in JavaScript, CSS and green tea.”

- Michelle Phorn, Web Developer

“I fight for truth, justice and proper grammar.”

- Mike Clemens, Jr. Copywriter

“If only there was a compliance filter.”

- Stacy Evansco, Management Supervisor, Legal Compliance

“With the right planning, any program can be a day at the beach.”

- Jonel Dushay, Project Manager

“Every great idea needs a cheerleader.”

- Cat Bey-Wagner, Associate Creative Director

“Solving tough tech problems is about making the right moves.”

- Justin Morales, IT Support