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Making the Biggest Week in TV Even Bigger

XFINITY customers know that Watchathon is the binge-watching event of the year. For its fourth year, we set out to renew excitement in an activation that had become familiar. We kept customers engaged, eager to watch, and experiencing all the benefits of the XFINITY On Demand platform.

As part of a larger integrated campaign, we focused on making sure customers were excited and ready to binge-watch their favorite shows.

Travel back in time with Outlander. Watch for FREE during Watchathon Week.
Get ready for the Season 6 premiere on 4/24 - watch all past seasons for FREE during Watchathon Week.
Watch this award winning series during Watchathon Week.
Doh! Binge-watching Homer and the gang is a no-brainer. Watch all seasons for FREE during Watchathon Week.
See what the buzz is all about. Catch up on every episode during Watchathon Week.
Dive into all past seasons of this epic adventure during Watchathon Week.
Get into this hit show for FREE during Watchathon Week. Plus, you could win a trip to the Season 3 Premiere in NYC.

Cheeky teasers and tantalizing prizes had customers counting down the days to Watchathon.

Time left to hoard snacks
Time left to find that remote








We had a little fun making sure customers didn’t waste Watchathon.

Which would you rather watch? One of today’s hottest shows or…

Beyond access to premium content, customers got a fun way to experience the On Demand platform.

Each week, Watchathoners were awarded with boxes of swag to fuel their binge-watching.

And the result of our refresh? Watchathon 2016 was the program’s highest-performing year.


Customers binged like never before: 71 million total hours watched