case study

Powering a World of Music Creators

SoundCloud needed a quick-to-market, engagement platform that could be tailored to fit the branding and unique requirements of their various brand partners. We developed a flexible, highly-scalable solution with powerful built-in tools that give music creators a share of voice in the SoundCloud community.

The platform we built was off the charts.

Integrates seamlessly with SoundCloud’s API, streamlining the way consumers users with the platform.

Multiple ways to collect user data was built in to give SoundCloud and their partners flexible user engagement models.

The platform can be customized quickly and easily to fit the branding and objectives of any SoundCloud partner.

Built-in moderating and judging tools provide simple and intuitive promotion management.

Our platform helped SoundCloud connect its devoted user base with brands in more meaningful and profitable ways. We gave SoundCloud a customizable platform for brands to leverage and tap into their existing user base.