case study

Helping Cardholders Discover the Adventure of a Lifetime

REI Mastercard cardholders are adventure seekers. They love to discover new trails, to push themselves and to travel to destinations that are truly incredible. That's why we built a cardholder journey that was rich with the spirit of discovery; challenging them to uncover the REI trip of a lifetime.

REI Adventures are trips unlike any other. The experience of discovering the one that’s right for you should be just as rewarding.

We created a 3-step journey to match cardholders with incredible trips. Powering this experience was a complex decision matrix that aligned trip attributes to individual results.

Our design tailored to a mobile-centric usage pattern, and helped to maximize the program's mobile traffic – which reached 70%.


completed the journey.


completed it more than once.

Cardholders spent an
average of

3 minutes

on the site.