May 2016

When Technology Gets Personal

We live in a world of constant connection, and one where our technology is increasingly personal. For marketers this always-on mentality is a goldmine of opportunity when it comes to data collection and consumer outreach. But as technology continues to evolve and become more personal, the challenge is not always leveraging it in a marketing plan, but finding new ways to do so.

Here are some of the best ways that today’s most personal tech can be used to drive engagement and consumer interaction.

Smartphones — We begin with the device we most often turn to. Smartphones have long been our digital keys, but now emerging capabilities like augmented and virtual reality are making our phones even more indispensable when it comes to consumer engagement. Using augmented reality as a compliment to user-generated content could make for more fun, more engaging content. And with VR, the potential for creating compelling digital experiences is endless. These capabilities can help connect consumers to brands on a more personal level, bridging the gap between in-person interactions and the digital space.

Proactive Intelligent Assistants — It’s not just all-new capabilities that are making our smartphones even smarter. Intelligent assistants like Siri and Cortana have done a lot of growing up since their first introductions, and today they know a surprising amount about their human users. By tapping into intelligent assistants’ trove of user data — which today includes everything from our most-used apps to the places we drive to on a daily basis — marketers can gain a better understanding of their target, and can communicate to them through channels that their customers are used to. This makes those communications less obtrusive, more relevant, and more useful to the consumer.

Wearables — Wearables are the synthesis of years of advancement in personal technology — bringing geo-tagging, micro-interactions, proactive intelligent assistants and always-on data collection together in a single device. These features, coupled with the fact that we wear smartwatches on our wrists, make them the most personal devices ever created. With wearables, marketers can take advantage of all of these technologies together, and can use the platform to quickly communicate information and encourage brand engagement.

On the whole, more personal tech makes for smarter, more useful consumer engagements. Our smart devices are no longer just tools of convenience, they are vehicles through which we can become connected with the brands that matter most to us.

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By Mike Clemens
Jr. Copywriter