September 2016

From Engagement to Meaningful Interaction

As any properly-trained marketer will tell you, objectives always dictate user experience. If the goal is to drive email data capture (or even sweepstakes entries) then you had better not put anything in the way of a user entering that information. Right? Maybe not.

As digital consumers, we’re changing; and today we expect more from a digital engagement than ever before. The more content and technology we’re exposed to, the more we expect stellar consumer experiences to be the norm. After all, if Snapchat’s facial-mapping software can transform us into a dog, why shouldn’t we expect that level of interaction from all digital experiences?

It boils down to this: in our digital world, the old means of consumer engagement just might not be enough. Sure a chance to win sounds great, but today’s digital consumer culture is all about instant gratification. We look for engagements that will entertain us today, not six weeks from now.

We are looking for new ways to play in digital, for engagements that not only respect our time but also offer value through an experience that has been tailor made for our mobile lives.

It’s all about crafting an experience that the consumer will care about. Give them something cool to try out or a new way to express themselves, and you will not only engage consumers, but you’ll also earn their data, advocacy and loyalty. At teamDigital, we often refer to this combination as a meaningful interaction.

With the right brand, a user flow that results in exploration and playfulness can often garner more credibility, more meaningful engagement and higher quality data capture than a user experience that offers little in exchange for consumer information. It also makes for a better, more valuable consumer experience. And isn’t it better to have a 40% conversion rate from people who now love your brand than 60% from people who don’t remember it at all?

For an example of meaningful interactions in action, take our Ultimate Pet Detective program which recently ran in support of XFINITY Home and The Secret Life of Pets movie.

One of the program’s main goals was to educate customers about the monitoring features of XFINITY Home. To do this, we created an in-store game that used characters and situations from the film to communicate product features and benefits in a fun and engaging way.

To earn customers’ time, we focused on entertaining them and rewarding their interest with a positive experience. And because of that, our game became more than just a brand experience — it became a meaningful interaction that they wanted to play again and again.

For more on The Ultimate Pet Detective, check out our case study here.

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By Kristen Clough
VP, Strategy & Analytics